The Variable Portions for the Presanctified Liturgy

Great Lent 2023


Click here for the text of the fixed portions of the Presanctified Liturgy for Choir and Laity


Click here for the Sluzhebnik for the Presanctified Liturgy (the text for the Clergy)


The Dates given are for the dates that the Presanctified is actually celebrated.

However, it should be noted that the commemoration celebrated at that service is usually for the following day, though on very high ranking feasts, it could be for the day itself.

Also, I am posting only for those dates that our parish will be serving the Presanctified,

or for those dates that someone else has provided me with the text… and so if the date is not showing, it will probably not be posted.


·       Wednesday: March 1st n.s.

·         Friday: March 3rd n.s.

·         Wednesday: March 8th n.s.

·         Thursday: March 9th n.s.

·         Friday: March 10th n.s.  

·         Wednesday: March 15th n.s.

·         Friday: March 17th n.s.

·         Tuesday: March 21st n.s.

·         Wednesday, March 22nd n.s.

·         Friday: March 24th n.s.

·         Wednesday, March 29th n.s.

·         Friday: March 31st n.s.

·         Wednesday: April 5th n.s.

·         Monday: April 10th n.s.

·         Tuesday: April 11th n.s.

·         Wednesday: April 12th n.s.


The translations used in the above texts are taken from the Triodion by Bishop Kallistos and Mother Mary, and the Menaion by Br. Isaac Lambertsen.


Note: For information on the order of services not given here, consult the Order of Divine Services, and the Liturgical Calendar from St. John of Kronstadt Press.


If you notice any errors, please e-mail me.




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