Presanctified Liturgy: Friday in the 5th Week

Saturday of the Akathist


Tone 6: Departing from Thy divine commandments as from Jerusalem, /

and going down to the passions of Jericho, /

I was led astray by the false glory of the cares of this life. /

I fell among the thieves of my own thoughts; /

they stripped me of the robe of sonship that was mine by grace, /

and now I lie wounded, as though without the breath of life. /

The priest drew near and saw my body, but he took no heed; /

the Levite looked at it with loathing and passed by on the other side. /

But Thou, O Lord who ineffably hast taken flesh from the Virgin, /

Thou hast of Thine own will poured out blood and water /

from Thy side for my salvation /

and as with oil Thou hast anointed me, O Christ my God, /

bind up my wounds with linen, //

and in Thy compassion bring me to Thy heavenly Kingdom.      Twice.


Thy martyrs, O Lord, /

denied Thee not and forsook not Thy commandments: /

at their intercessions //

have mercy upon us.


Tone 6 [Spec. Mel.: Having set all your hope on the things of heaven]:

Revealing the pre-eternal counsel, /

Gabriel appeared to thee, O Maiden, /

and greeting thee, he said: /

“Rejoice, earth that hath not been sown; /

rejoice, burning bush that remains unconsumed; /

rejoice, depth unsearchable; /

rejoice, bridge that leads to heaven /

and ladder raised on high that Jacob saw; /

rejoice, divine vessel of manna; /

rejoice, deliverance from the curse; /

rejoice, restoration of Adam, //

the Lord is with thee!       Thrice.


“Thou dost appear to me in the form of a man,” /

said the undefiled Maiden to the leader of the heavenly hosts; /

“how then dost thou speak to me of things that pass man’s power? /

For thou hast said that God shall be with me, /

and shall take up His dwelling in my womb; /

and how, tell me, shall I become the spacious habitation /

and the holy place of Him that rides upon the cherubim? /

Beguile me not with deceit: /

for I have no experience of sensual pleasure, /

I have not entered into wedlock. //

How then shall I bear child?”    Twice.


“When God so wishes,” said the bodiless angel, /

“the order of nature is overcome, /

and things beyond man’s power come to pass. /

Believe that my words are true, /

all-holy Lady, utterly without spot,” /

And she cried aloud, /

“Let it now be unto me according to thy word: /

and I shall bear Him that is without flesh, /

who shall borrow flesh from me, /

that through this union of natures /

He may lead man up unto his ancient glory, //

for He alone has power so to do.”        Twice.


Glory... Both now... Tone 2:

Today is revealed the mystery that is from all eternity. /

The son of God becomes the Son of Man, /

that, sharing in what is worse, /

He may make me share in what is better. /

Of old Adam was deceived: /

he sought to become God, but failed in his purpose. /

Now God becomes man, that He may make Adam god. /

Let the creation rejoice, let nature exult: /

for the Archangel stands in fear before the Virgin, /

and with his salutation “Rejoice!” /

he brings the joyful greeting whereby our sorrow is assuaged. /

O God, who in Thy merciful compassion wast made man, //

glory to Thee.


Prokimena and Old Testament Readings


Tone 4: Compassionate and merciful is the Lord, * long-suffering and plenteous in mercy.


Stichos: Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all  that is within me bless His holy name.


Reading: Genesis 22:1-18


Tone 4: How magnified are Thy works, O Lord! * In wisdom hast Thou made them all.


Stichos: Bless the Lord, O my soul; O Lord my God, Thou hast been magnified exceedingly.


Reading: Proverbs 9:12-18


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