Presanctified Liturgy: Wednesday in the 6th Week

The Holy Martyr Sabinas


Tone 5:

I am rich in passions and clothed in the deceitful robe of hypocrisy, /

and I rejoice in the sins of self-indulgence.  /

There is no limit to my lack of love.  /

I neglect my spiritual understanding, /

that lies at the gate of repentance, /

starved of all good things, sick through want of care.  /

O Lord, make me like Lazarus poor in sin, /

that I be not tormented in the flame /

that never shall be quenched, /

and pray in vain for a finger to be dipped in water /

and laid upon my tongue.  /

But in Thy love for mankind //

make me dwell with the Patriarch Abraham.  Twice


Your souls, O holy martyrs, /

were filled with an insatiable love; /

not denying Christ ye endured great sufferings and torment, /

and ye cast down the tyrants’ pride.  /

Ye kept the faith unaltered and unharmed, /

and now ye have gone to dwell in heaven.  /

Since ye have boldness before Christ, //

pray that peace be given to the world, and to our souls great mercy.


When Thou wast journeying in the flesh, O Jesus, /

on the other side of the Jordan, /

Thou hast said to Thy companions:

“My friend Lazarus is already dead, /

and now has been committed to the tomb.  /

And so for your sakes I rejoice, my friends, /

for by this ye shall learn that I know all things, /

since I am God, inseparable from the Father, /

though in my visible appearance I am man. /

Let us go then, to bring him back to life, /

that death may feel the defeat /

and utter destruction that I bring upon it, //

bestowing my great mercy on the world.


O ye faithful, let us follow the example of Martha and Mary, /

and as intercessors let us send to the Lord our acts of righteousness, /

that He may come to raise up from the dead our spiritual understanding, /

which lies insensible within the tomb of negligence, /

lacking all feeling of the fear of God /

and having no vital energy.  /

So let us cry: As once by Thy dead authority, O merciful Lord, /

Thou hast raised up Thy friend Lazarus, /

so now give life to all of us, //

and grant us Thy great mercy.


Tone: 6:

Lazarus has now been two days in the tomb, /

and He sees the dead from all the ages.  /

There he beholds strange sights of terror, /

a multitude that none can number, the prisoners of hell.  /

His sisters bitterly lament, looking upon his tomb.  /

But Christ comes to bring His friend to life, /

that a single hymn of praise may be offered up with one accord by all: //

Blessed art Thou, O Savior, have mercy upon us.


Tone 8 (to the special melody “What shall we call you…”):

What shall we call thee, O glorious one.  /

Warrior of the mighty King and God, /

who hast manfully set at nought the impiety of the incorporeal ones, /

beacon who shinest forth the noetic Light, /

all-powerful destroyer of idols, /

most fervent athlete and most lawful sufferer.  //

Pray thou that our souls be saved.             Twice


What now shall we call thee, O Sabinas?  /

River of living water, pouring forth breadth of spirit /

upon us who are oppressed amid cruelties, /

inexhaustible flood of healings, /

cup which pourest out a holy draught, /

and wonderworker most true, equal in honor to the incorporeal ones.  //

Pray thou that our souls be saved.


What shall we call thee, O holy one?  /

Guide of the erring, or intercessor for sinners, /

true physician for them bestormed amid evils, /

precious and fragrant lily of paradise, /

first-fruit among martyrs and their confirmation, /

ever-flowing fount of miracles, valiant struggler.  //

Pray thou that our souls be saved.


Glory… Both now… (in the same tone):

To whom hast thou likened thyself, O my wretched soul, /

who in no wise risest to repentance, /

nor fearest the fire which awaiteth the wicked?  /

Arise, and call upon her who alone is quick to help, /

and cry aloud: /

O Virgin Mother, entreat thy Son and our God, //

to deliver me from the snare of the deceiver.


Prokimena and Old Testament Readings


Tone 4:

I will be well-pleasing before the Lord in the land of the living.


Stichos: I am filled with love, for the Lord will hear the voice of my supplication.


Reading: Genesis 43:26-31; 45:1-16


Tone 4:

My vows unto the Lord will I pay in the presence of all His people.


Stichos: I believed, wherefore I spake; I was humbled exceedingly.


Reading: Proverbs 21:23 – 22:4


Three readings for the Hierarch