Presanctified Liturgy: Wednesday in the 3rd Week

The Holy Hieromartyr Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna


Tone 4:

As the Prodigal I have wasted the riches /

which the Father gave me. /

Now I am destitute and dwell in the land of wicked citizens; /

in my thoughtlessness I have become /

like the beasts without understanding, /

and I am stripped of all God's grace. /

But turning back I cry to Thee, /

the compassionate and merciful Father: /

I have sinned, receive me in repentance, O God, //

and have mercy upon me.                       (Twice)


O martyrs of the Lord, /

living oblations, spiritual burnt-offerings, /

perfect victims sacrificed to God, /

sheep that know God and are known by Him, /

whose fold no wolf can enter: /

pray ye that we be led with you //

to feed beside the waters of repose.


Tone 6:

O apostles, eyewitnesses of God, /

rays of light from the spiritual Sun, /

pray that light may be granted to our souls, /

deliver us from the gloomy darkness of the passions, /

and ask that we may see the day of salvation. /

By your prayers and intercessions cleanse our hearts, /

which the evil one has wounded: /

then, saved by faith, we shall for ever honor you, //

who preserve the world by your preaching of the truth.


Like the Prodigal Son, /

I have journeyed into a far country of wickedness, /

and I have wasted in evil the wealth that thou gavest me, /

O compassionate Father. /

I am starved of good deeds /

and clothed in the shame of my transgression, /

for I have been stripped bare of God's grace. /

I cry to Thee: I have sinned, /

yet I know Thy lovingkindness; /

accept me as one of Thy hired servants, O merciful Christ, //

at the prayers of the apostles who loved Thee.


O apostles of the Lord, /

ye are lights of the inhabited earth, /

benefactors and saviors; /

as the heavens ye declare the glory of God; /

and ye are adorned with the starts of your miracles /

and with your wonders of healing. /

Intercede fervently before the Lord in our behalf, /

that our prayers may be accepted /

as a pure and sweet-smelling fragrance, /

and that we may all be counted worthy /

to venerate the life-giving Cross/

and to gaze on it with fear. /

As we worship this Thy Cross, /

in Thy love for man, O Savior, //

send down Thy mercy on us.


Tone 1 (Special Melody: “Joy of the ranks of heaven…”):

While living on earth thou wast united with the incorporeal ones, /

and with them dost thou unceasingly worship the Trinity, /

O divinely blessed father.  /

Wherefore, ever dwelling in the highest as a heavenly man, /

thou dost initiate those who are on earth //

into the mysteries of God.                (Twice)


O divinely blessed one, /

thou wast shown to be a branch of the activity of Christ /

planted by God, putting forth grapes of the divine Word, /

whence we faithfully draw forth precious sweetness; /

and with our whole heart //

we offer thy teaching to all the world.


Illumined with splendor divine, /

thy body consumed by material fire, /

thou didst pass over to the immaterial radiance, O father. /

Grant us remission by thy prayers, /

bringing light to the gloomy night //

of the passions of our souls, O wise one.


Glory... Now and ever...: Theotokion, in the same tone and melody:

Tempest-tossed on the deep of transgressions, /

fleeing to the calm haven of thine all-pure supplication, /

I cry out to thee, O Theotokos: /

Save me, O all-immaculate one, //

extending thy mighty right hand unto thy servant!


Prokimena and Old Testament Readings


Tone 4:

My trust is in the tender mercy of God forever and ever.

Stichos: Why boastest thou thyself in mischief, O mighty man, and in iniquity all the day long?


Reading: Genesis 7:6-9


Tone 4:

When God shall bring back His people from captivity, Jacob shall rejoice and Israel shall be glad.

Stichos: The fool has said in his heart: there is no God.


Reading: Proverbs 9:12-18