Handy Tools for the Vigil



·        All Night Vigil Text with Parish Abbreviations

·        Blessed is the Man (Select Verses, Text Only)

·         Suggested Abbreviations of the Kathismata of the Psalter

·         The Sunday Kathismas Arranged According to the suggestions above.

·         Resurrectional Aposticha Theotokia

·        Resurrectional Dismissal Theotokia

·        “The Blameless” (Psalm 118, divided into 8 Sections to correspond with the cycle of 8 Tones)

·        The Supplicatory Canon of the Theotokos (used at matins when a polyeleos is appointed, and no other canon is provided)

·        Katavasiae for the Seasons of the Year

·        Other Online Texts for the Vigil


Documents referenced in the St. Innocent Liturgical Calendar:


·        2018 table of transfers of commemorations during Great Lent



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