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Orthodox Liturgical Texts and Resources

Bishop Alexanders Liturgical Text page

Ivan Moodys Liturgical Links (Particularly good musical links)



Sites With Instructional Material



The Orthodox Christian Information Center:

o   General Articles on Worship

o   Articles on Worship from the Praxis Page (articles which focus on how to worship)

o   Articles on Prayer

o   Articles on Orthodoxy in the home

Bishop Alexanders Liturgical Text page

The Holy Trinity Cathedral Liturgics Page



  Sunday Bulletins



Rubrics for Services


Rubrics for Upcoming Vigils

Variable Portions of the Liturgy

Variable Portions of Typika

An English Translation of the Slavic Typikon (an ongoing project)

Liturgical Calendar of the Russian Orthodox Diocese of Alaska (Old Calendar)

Православный Церковный Календарь (Links to Liturgical Rubrics in Russian)

Information on and from the Typikon

The Antiochian Liturgical Guide, Online

Texts for Sunday Matins (New Calendar / Greek Archdiocese)

The Holy Trinity Cathedral Liturgics Page

The Typikon (Orthodox Wiki)




Sites With Specific Liturgical Texts



Horologion Texts, Prayer Books, the Psalter



The Reader Service Horologion

Horologion Texts in Word Format

Services of the Horologion: The Jordanville Texts

The Divine Liturgy

Portions of the Horologion: Translated by Archimandrite Ephrem

On-line Orthodox Prayer Book: The Old Jordanville Prayer book

On-line Psalter

Suggested Abbreviations of the Kathismata of the Psalter





The Menaion


The General Menaion: Translated by Archimandrite Ephrem

The General Menaion in Traditional English

The Orloff General Menaion (a Scanning Project in progress)

Portions of the Menaion: Translated by Archimandrite Ephrem

Variable Portions of Vespers (OCA), New Calendar

Texts for Sunday Matins (New Calendar / Greek Archdiocese)

Troparia and Kontakia from the Menaion

A Downloadable program, containing the Troparia and Kontakia for each day of the year (Menologion for Windows)





The Octoechos: Translated by Archimandrite Ephrem

The Sunday Octoechos

The Weekday Octoechos (not yet complete)

Resurrectional Dismissal Theotokia

Resurrectional Aposticha Theotokia




Portions of the Triodion: Translated by Archimandrite Ephrem

The Lenten Triodion Not the more commonly used Bishop Kallistos translation

Lenten Resources





Portions of the Pentecostarion: Translated by Archimandrite Ephrem

Paschal Resources





Todays Scripture Readings (Old Calendar)

Commentary by Blessed Theophylact for Sunday and Festal Gospel Readings, provided by St. John Chrysostom Orthodox Church

Lenten Lectionary

Portions of the Lectionary: Translated by Archimandrite Ephrem

The One Thing Needful: Homilies on the Sunday Readings by Archbishop Andrei (Rymarenko)



Sheet Music


Orthodox Musical Resources

Orthodox Traditional Chant

Music Downloads (OCA)



Priests Service Books



Sluzhebniks for the Liturgy

  Portions of the Trebnik (Euchologion): Translated by Archimandrite Ephrem

  Some Prayers from the Trebnik

  Information on the Serbian Slava Service, and the text



Note: Some of these translations found at the links above are less than to my liking, but they have the advantage of being free and easily accessible. In a pinch, they are certainly better than nothing.



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