The Resurrectional Aposticha Theotokia


Tone 1:  Behold, the prophecy of Isaiah hath been fulfilled, /

for a Virgin hath given birth, /

and after giving birth hath remained a Virgin as before.  /

For God was born; therefore He began nature anew.  /

O Mother of God, disdain not the supplications of thy servants, /

which are offered unto thee in thy temple; /

but as thou bearest the Compassionate One in thine arms, /

have pity on thy servants, //

and beseech Him that our souls be saved.


Tone 2:  O new wonder greater than all the wonders of the past! /

For who hath ever known a mother to give birth without having known a man, /

and to bear on her arm Him Who sustaineth all creation?  /

Yet it was the will of God to be born.  /

O all-pure one, who bore Him in thine arms as an infant /

and hast maternal boldness before Him: /

cease not to pray in behalf of those who honor thee, //

that He have compassion and save our souls.


Tone 3:  Through the divine Spirit, by the will of the Father, /

without seed thou didst conceive the Son of God /

Who hath existed without mother from before the ages, /

and for our sake thou gavest birth in the flesh unto Him /

Who came forth from thee without father; /

and thou didst nurture Him on milk as a babe.  /

Wherefore, cease not to pray, //

that our souls be delivered from tribulations.


Tone 4: Mercifully regard the supplications of thy servants, /

O all-immaculate one, /

quelling the uprisings of the cruel demons against us, /

delivering us from every sorrow; /

for thee alone have we as a steadfast and sure confirmation, /

and we have acquired thine intercession; /

let not us that call upon thee be put to shame, O Mistress.  /

Haste thou to answer the entreaty /

of those who cry out to thee with faith: /

Rejoice, thou help, joy and protection of all, //

and salvation of our souls!


Tone 5:  Thou art the temple and portal, /

the palace and throne of the King, /

O most honored Virgin, /

through whom Christ the Lord, my Deliverer, /

Who is the Sun of righteousness, /

hath revealed Himself unto those who sleep in darkness, /

desiring to enlighten that which He fashioned /

by His own hand in His image.  /

Wherefore, O most hymned one, /

as thou hast acquired maternal boldness before Him, //

entreat Him without ceasing, that our souls be saved.


Tone 6:  Christ the Lord, my Creator and Deliverer, /

Who came forth from thy womb, O all-pure one, /

and robed Himself in me, /

hath freed Adam from the curse.  /

Wherefore, like the angel do we unceasingly cry out to thee, /

O most pure one, who art truly the Mother of God and Virgin: /

Rejoice!  Rejoice, O Mistress, //

thou intercession, protection and salvation for our souls!


Tone 7:  Having recourse unto thy protection, O Mistress, /

all of us born of earth cry aloud to thee: O Theotokos, our hope, /

deliver us from our countless transgressions, //

and save thou our souls.


Tone 8:  O unwedded Virgin /

who ineffably conceived God in the flesh, /

Mother of God Most High: /

accept the entreaties of thy servants, /

O most immaculate one, /

granting unto all cleansing of transgressions; /

and, accepting now our supplications, //

pray thou that we all be saved.