Orthodox Musical Resources


Sites with Sheet Music


·       Orthodox Church Music (ROCOR Diocese of Chicago and Mid-America)

·       Kurt Sander’s Collection of Downloadable Sheet Music

·       Fr. George Johnson’s Church Singer’s Companion

·       Liturgical Sheet Music in English from the Eastern American Diocese of ROCOR

·       Orthodox Russian Singing

·       Orthodox Traditional Chant

·       The Divine Music Project (St. Anthony’s Monastery)

·       Music Downloads (OCA)

·       Unmercenary Sacred Music

·       St. Michael’s Liturgical Music

·       St. John of Chicago, Liturgical Sheet Music



Sites With Online Audio


·       The Eight Tones in Russian Chant

·       The Eight Tones in Church Slavonic

·       Greek Archdiocese’s Audio Library




Music Resources that can be ordered


·       Holy Trinity Monastery Bookstore

·       St. John of Kronstadt Press

·       St. Nectarios Press



Instructional Material


·       Tone Tutor 101 – a 10 hour CD set that teaches the usual Russian tones used in ROCOR




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