Orthodox Musical Resources



Sites With Online Audio



The Eight Tones in Russian Chant

Another set of recordings of the Eight Tones in Russian Chant

Greek Archdioceseís Audio Library



Sites with Sheet Music


Orthodox Church Music (ROCOR Diocese of Chicago and Mid-America)

Kurt Sanderís Collection of Downloadable Sheet Music

Fr. George Johnsonís Church Singerís Companion

Liturgical Sheet Music in English from the Eastern American Diocese of ROCOR

Orthodox Russian Singing

Music from the Monastery of St. John

Orthodox Traditional Chant

Orthodox Two-part Liturgical Music


Unmercenary Sacred Music

St. Michaelís Liturgical Music

St. John of Chicago, Liturgical Sheet Music

Carpatho-Russian Music

ROCM Download Page (Slavonic)





Music Resources that can be ordered


Holy Trinity Monastery Bookstore

St. Nectarios Press


Instructional Material


Tone Tutor 101 Ė a 10 hour CD set that teaches the usual Russian tones used in ROCOR

Orthodox America Issue on Church Music




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