Miscellaneous Items of Interest

Various links that you may find useful

Prayers before and after meals, for laymen:


You can read Fr. John Whiteford’s suggested approach to reading the entire Bible here:


You can read this article on how we should conduct ourselves in Church here:


You can read the rule of St. Pachomius here:


You can download a program that you provide you with the Scripture readings of the day, and the lives of the saints of the day here:


You can also listen to a podcast Orthodox Bible Study series which is conducted by Presbytera Eugenia Constantinou (who is an Orthodox Bible scholar, in addition to being a priest's wife) by going to this page:


If you join it, you will get updates mailed directly to you.

The parish directory is now linked on our website at http://directory.instantchurchdirectory.com/73929640/churchdirectory.pdf  If you did not get the password, please see James Hall or e-mail Fr. John Whiteford. This is necessary to open this document. Those who are not yet in the directory can easily be added, and the content will be regularly updated.

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