The Katavasia of the Theotokos


Ode 1:  I shall open my mouth, /

and the Spirit will inspire it, /

and I shall utter the words of my song to the Queen and Mother: /

I shall be seen radiantly keeping feast //

and joyfully praising her wonders.


Ode 3:  O Mother of God, /

thou living and plentiful fount, /

give strength to those united in spiritual fellowship, /

who sing hymns of praise to thee: /

and in thy divine glory //

vouchsafe unto them crowns of glory. 


Ode 4:  He who sitteth in glory upon the throne of the Godhead, /

Jesus the true God, /

is come in a swift cloud /

and with His sinless hands he hath saved those who cry: //

Glory to Thy power, O Christ.


Ode 5:  The whole world was amazed at thy divine glory: /

for thou, O Virgin who hast not known wedlock, /

hast held in thy womb the God of all /

and hast given birth to an eternal Son, //

who rewards with salvation all who sing thy praises.


Ode 6:  As we celebrate this sacred and solemn feast of the Mother of God, /

let us come, clapping our hands, O people of the Lord, //

and give glory to God who was born of her.


Ode 7:  The holy children bravely trampled upon the threatening fire, /

refusing to worship created things in place of the Creator, /

and they sang in joy: //

‘Blessed art Thou and praised above all, O Lord God of our Fathers.’


Ode 8:  The Offspring of the Theotokos /

saved the holy children in the furnace.  /

He who was then prefigured hath since been born on earth, /

and he gathers all the creation to sing:  /

O all ye works of the Lord, //

praise ye the Lord and exalt Him above all for ever.


Ode 9:  Let every mortal born on earth, /

radiant with light, in spirit leap for joy; /

and let the host of the angelic powers /

celebrate and honor the holy feast of the Mother of God, /

and let them cry: //

Rejoice!  Pure and blessed Ever-Virgin, who gavest birth to God.