Presanctified Liturgy: Wednesday in the 1st Week

Martyr Conon


Tone 8:

While fasting with the body, brethren, let us also fast in spirit. /

Let us loose every bond iniquity; /

let us undo the knots of every contract made by violence; /

let us tear up all unjust agreements; /

let us give bread to the hungry /

and welcome to our house the house the poor who have no roof to cover them, //

that we may receive great mercy from Christ our God.    (Twice)


If there be any virtue and if there be any praise, /

rightly are these things ascribed to the saints. /

They bowed their necks beneath the sword, /

for Thy sake who hast bowed the heavens and come down. /

They shed their blood for Thee, /

who hast emptied Thyself and taken the form of a servant; /

they humbled themselves even unto death, /

following the example of Thy poverty. /

At their prayers have mercy upon us, O God, //

according to the multitude of Thy tender mercies.


Tone 2:

Jesus, the true spiritual Sun, /

sent you out as lightning into all the world, /

and by the brightness of your divine preaching. /

O ye apostles and eyewitnesses of God, /

He has dispersed the darkness of error /

and given light to those held fast in the evil gloom of ignorance. /

Entreat Him to send down upon us also //

His illumination and great mercy.


Elijah, glorified by fasting, /

rode in the divine chariot of the virtues /

and was carried up to the height of heaven. /

Eagerly follow his example, O my humble soul, /

and fast from every evil, /

from envy, strife and passing pleasure. /

So shalt thou escape the harsh and everlasting agony of Gehenna, /

crying out to Christ: //

Glory be to Thee, O Lord.


Tone 5:

Apostle of God, fervent intercessors for the world, /

defenders of the Orthodox, /

ye who have the power to draw near with boldness unto Christ our God: /

we beseech you, intercede on our behalf, /

that unhindered we may keep the holy season of the Fast /

and receive the grace of the consubstantial Trinity. /

O great and glorious preachers, //

worthy of all reverence, pray for our souls.


Tone 8 (Special Melody: “O most glorious wonder…”):

O unwaning, divine ray, /

luminous radiance of the commandments of God, /

ever-memorable athlete, /

most excellent of martyrs! /

Thou hast dispelled the gloom of darkness /

like a brilliant star, O blessed one! /

O goodly offering and unblemished sacrifice! /

Wherefore, unceasingly entreat Christ, //

that He save our souls.  Twice


O all-wise preacher of the Truth, /

showing thyself to be an armed opponent of ungodliness, /

thou didst fell the enemy with the suffering of thy head, /

and didst openly proclaim the command of God, /

publishing glad tidings /

to the people who knew them not. /

O Conon, who dwellest with the martyrs, /

entreat the Deliverer, that He deliver from the passions //

thy servants who hymn thee.


Good was the change /

which the Lord of our fathers wrought upon thee /

by the right hand of the Most High, /

O most glorious athlete! /

A fruit blossoming forth from the root of unbelief /

wast thou shown to be, O most blessed and all-praised Conon, /

and, having Christ as thy most excellent Leader, /

thou didst mightily vanquish //

the hordes of the demons.


Glory... Now and ever...: Theotokion, in the same tone and melody:

Rejoice, bearer of the Light divine, /

thou star most bright, /

and tabernacle of sanctity! /

From thine all-pure womb Light hath shown upon us, /

illumining the ends of the earth, /

and enlightening them with His grace. /

Rejoice, O all-pure one, origin of salvation! /

Rejoice, report and saying //

awesome to those who trust in thee!


Prokimena and Old Testament Readings


Tone 5: Thou, O Lord, shalt keep us and shalt preserve us * from this generation, and forevermore.


Stichos: Save me, O Lord, for a righteous man there is no more.


Reading: Genesis 1:24-2:3


Tone 6: Look upon me, hear me, * O Lord my God.


Stichos: How long, O Lord, wilt Thou utterly forget me? How long wilt Thou turn Thy face away from me?


Reading: Proverbs 2:1-22


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