Presanctified Liturgy: Friday in the 4th Week

St. Theophanes the Confessor of Sigriane


Tone 7:

My soul’s dignity I have enslaved to the passions; /

I am become like the beasts, /

and have no power to lift mine eyes to Thee, Most High. / 

But with my head bowed like the publican, /

I pray to Thee, O Christ, and cry aloud: //

God be merciful to me and save me.                Twice


Tone 7:

Glory be to Thee, O Christ our God, /

boast of the apostles, joy of the martyrs, //

whose preaching was the consubstantial Trinity.


O holy martyrs, /

who have fought the good fight and received your crowns, //

pray to the Lord for mercy on our souls.


Despising every earthly thing, O holy martyrs, /

and bravely preaching Christ in the arena, /

ye received from Him the due reward for all your sufferings. /

Since He is almighty God /

and ye have boldness in His presence, /

to you we run for help; /

we entreat you, pray to Him //

for the salvation of our souls.


O martyrs worthy of all praise, /

sheep of Christ’s spiritual flock, /

ye are a living offering /

and a sacrifice acceptable and pleasing to the Lord.  /

Earth did not cover you, but heaven has received you. /

Ye have become companions of the angels: /

we entreat you, pray with them to God our Savior, /

that peace be given to the world, //

and salvation to our souls.


Tone 8 (Special Melody: “O most glorious wonder…”):

O divinely wise father Theophanes, /

called the namesake of the Theophany of Christ, /

thou didst follow in His life-bearing steps, /

and didst forsake all the beauties of life, /

directing thy gaze towards Him /

Whom thou didst desire, O thou of great renown, /

being deified by beauty /

and divine inclinations towards Him //

and excellent perfections.  Twice


O divinely wise father Theophanes, /

abiding in affliction of flesh, /

thou didst steadfastly endure bitter exiles, /

taking no pity on thy body, /

for the sake of the precious icons, O all-praised one, /

banished by the wrath of Leo; /

and mocking him thou didst make foolish /

his counsels and his vain thoughts //

and his pernicious mind.


Truly the Bestower of good things /

hath richly granted /

to thee rewards for thy pangs: /

to expel demons and to heal afflictions, /

imparting power, O most blessed one, /

and vouchsafing thee ineffable joys /

where the angelic ranks hold chorus, /

gazing continually //

upon the countenance of the Almighty.


Glory… Tone 7:

O Life-giver and Savior, /

give rest to our brethren /

whom Thou hast taken from this temporary life, /

for unto Thee they cry: //

O Lord, glory to Thee.


Both now… Tone 7:

Thou hast been known to have become a Mother /

in supernatural manner, O Theotokos, /

and hast remained a Virgin /

in manner past recounting and understanding; /

and no tongue can describe the wonder of thy birthgiving. /

For as thy conceiving is all-glorious, /

so is the manner of thy birthgiving beyond comprehension; /

for where God so willeth, the order of nature is over-ruled. /

Wherefore, knowing thee to be the Mother of God, /

we all earnestly entreat thee: //

Pray thou that our souls be saved!


Prokimena and Old Testament Readings


Tone 4: O Shepherd of Israel, attend, * Thou that leadest Joseph like a sheep.

Stichos: Thou that sittest on the cherubim, manifest Thyself.


Lesson: Genesis 12:1-7


Tone 4: Rejoice * in God our helper.

Stichos:  Take up a psalm, and bring the timbrel.


Lesson: Proverbs 14:15-26


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