Presanctified Liturgy: Friday in the 4th Week

Venerable Hilarion


Tone 7:

My soul’s dignity I have enslaved to the passions; /

I am become like the beasts, /

and have no power to lift mine eyes to Thee, Most High. / 

But with my head bowed like the publican, /

I pray to Thee, O Christ, and cry aloud: //

God be merciful to me and save me.                Twice


Tone 2:

Not desiring earthly pleasure, /

the victorious martyrs were granted heavenly blessings, /

and they have become fellow-citizens with the angels. /

At their prayers, O Lord, //

have mercy on us and save us.


Because the holy martyrs intercede for us /

and sing in praise of Christ, /

all error is destroyed //

and mankind is saved by faith.


The company of martyrs resisted tyrants, saying: /

“We are soldiers of the ruler of the powers on high; /

though ye give us up to fire and torture, //

we shall not deny the power of the Trinity.”


Great is the glory, O ye saints, /

that ye have gained through your faith. /

For by your sufferings ye were victorious over the enemy; /

and after death, as physicians of body and soul, /

ye drive out evil spirits and bring healing to the sick. / 

Intercede before the Lord, // 

that mercy may be given to our souls.


Tone 4 (Special Melody: “Thou hast given a sign…”):

Having acquired a blameless life, /

patience and meekness and love unfeigned, /

boundless abstinence, /

standing all-night, divine compunction, /

faith and true hope in compassion, O father, /

thou didst live on earth like an angel in the flesh, /

O blessed Hilarion, //

intercessor for our souls.                                          Twice


An earthly angel and a heavenly man /

wast thou, O venerable one, /

a wellspring of compunction, /

a stream of compassion, /

an abyss of miracles, a surety for sinners, /

a truly fruitful olive-tree of God, /

anointing with the oil of thy labors  /

the faces of those who praise thee with faith, //

O wondrous Hilarion.


Illumined with divine understanding, /

thy mind transcended the passions of the body, /

and was aloof from earthly things, /

bearing the image of God /

and depicting divine beauty within itself. /

Through the activity of the Spirit, /

thou art recognized as wholly godly, //

O Hilarion our father, //

thou adornment of monastics.


Glory… Tone 2:

Woe is me! how great a struggle /

the soul endures at its parting from the body.  /

Woe is me! how many tears it sheds, /

but there is none to pity it.  /

Turning to the angels, it supplicates in vain; /

stretching out its hands to men, it finds no-one to help.  /

Therefore, my beloved brethren, reflecting on the shortness of our life, /

let us ask Christ to give rest to the departed //

and to grant our souls great mercy.


Both now… Tone 2:

The shadow of the law passed away when grace arrived; /

for, as the bush wrapped in flame did not burn, /

so did the Virgin give birth and yet remain a virgin. /

In place of the pillar of fire, the Sun of righteousness hath shone forth. /

Instead of Moses, Christ is come, //

the salvation of our souls.


Prokimena and Old Testament Readings


Tone 4: O Shepherd of Israel, attend, * Thou that leadest Joseph like a sheep.

Stichos: Thou that sittest on the cherubim, manifest Thyself.


Lesson: Genesis 12:1-7


Tone 4: Rejoice * in God our helper.

Stichos:  Take up a psalm, and bring the timbrel.


Lesson: Proverbs 14:15-26