Presanctified Liturgy: Friday in the 3rd Week

Martyr Conon


Tone 7:

Like the Prodigal, /

I have departed from Thy grace and wasted the riches of Thy love: /

but now I run to Thee crying, O compassionate Lord: //

I have sinned, O God, have mercy upon me.                Twice


Tone 6:

Thy martyrs, O Lord, /

denied Thee not and forsook not Thy commandments: /

At their intercessions //

have mercy upon us.


Those who suffered martyrdom for Thee, O Christ, /

endured great torments: /

at their prayers and intercessions, //

O Lord, preserve us all.


Thy victorious martyrs, /

when they contended on this earth, endured great torments; /

but now they dwell in heaven /

and have received a perfect crown, //

that they may offer intercession for our souls.


Thy Cross was for the martyrs /

an invincible weapon, O Lord.  /

They saw death before them; /

but, looking to the life that is to come, /

they were strengthened by their hope in Thee. /

At their intercessions //

have mercy upon us.


Tone 8 (Special Melody: “O most glorious wonder…”):

O unwaning, divine ray, /

luminous radiance of the commandments of God, /

ever-memorable athlete, /

most excellent of martyrs! /

Thou hast dispelled the gloom of darkness /

like a brilliant star, O blessed one! /

O goodly offering and unblemished sacrifice! /

Wherefore, unceasingly entreat Christ, //

that He save our souls.  Twice


O all-wise preacher of the Truth, /

showing thyself to be an armed opponent of ungodliness, /

thou didst fell the enemy with the suffering of thy head, /

and didst openly proclaim the command of God, /

publishing glad tidings /

to the people who knew them not. /

O Conon, who dwellest with the martyrs, /

entreat the Deliverer, that He deliver from the passions //

thy servants who hymn thee.


Good was the change /

which the Lord of our fathers wrought upon thee /

by the right hand of the Most High, /

O most glorious athlete! /

A fruit blossoming forth from the root of unbelief /

wast thou shown to be, O most blessed and all-praised Conon, /

and, having Christ as thy most excellent Leader, /

thou didst mightily vanquish //

the hordes of the demons.


Glory… Tone 6:

The creative ordinance was my beginning and foundation.  /

For Thou hast willed to fashion me as a living creature /

from natures visible and invisible: /

Thou hast made my body from the earth, /

and given me a soul by Thy divine and quickening breath.  /

Therefore, O Savior, grant rest to Thy servants in the land of the living, //

in the tabernacles of the righteous.


Both now… Tone 6:

Who doth not call thee blessed, O all-holy Virgin? /

Who will not hymn thine all-pure birthgiving? /

For the only-begotten Son /

Who shone forth timelessly from the Father, /

came forth, ineffably incarnate, from thee, the pure one; /

and being God by nature, /

He became man by nature for our sake, /

not divided into two Persons, /

but known in two natures without confusion. /

Him do thou beseech, O pure and most blessed one, //

that our souls find mercy!


Prokimena and Old Testament Readings


Tone 4: Give us help from affliction, * for vain is the salvation of man.


Stichos: O God, Thou hast cast us off and hast destroyed us.


Lesson: Genesis 8:4-21


Tone 6: Hearken, O God, unto my supplication; * attend unto my prayer.


Stichos:  So will I chant unto Thy name unto the ages.


Lesson: Proverbs 10:31 – 11:12


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