Presanctified Liturgy: Friday in the 1st Week

The Great Martyr Theodore


Tone 5:

Come, ye faithful, and in the light let us perform the works of God; /

let us walk honestly as in the day.  /

Let us cast away every unjust accusation against our neighbor, /

not placing any cause of stumbling in his path. /

Let us lay aside the pleasures of the flesh, /

and increase the spiritual gifts of our soul. /

Let us give bread to those in need, /

and let us draw near unto Christ, crying in penitence: //

O our God, have mercy on us.                Twice


Tone 7:

Glory be to Thee, O Christ our God, /

boast of the apostles, joy of the martyrs, //

whose preaching was the consubstantial Trinity.


O holy martyrs, /

who have fought the good fight and received your crowns, //

pray to the Lord for mercy on our souls.


Despising every earthly thing, O holy martyrs, /

and bravely preaching Christ in the arena, /

ye received from Him the due reward for all your sufferings. /

Since He is almighty God /

and ye have boldness in His presence, /

to you we run for help; /

we entreat you, pray to Him //

for the salvation of our souls.


O martyrs worthy of all praise, /

sheep of Christ’s spiritual flock, /

ye are a living offering /

and a sacrifice acceptable and pleasing to the Lord.  /

Earth did not cover you, but heaven has received you. /

Ye have become companions of the angels: /

we entreat you, pray with them to God our Savior, /

that peace be given to the world, //

and salvation to our souls.


Tone 2:

Come, all ye who love the martyrs, /

let us rejoice in spirit and keep festival.  /

For today Theodore the martyr has set before us a table /

laden with mystic food, /

bringing joy to all of us who gladly celebrate his memory. /

Unto him we cry: /

Rejoice, victorious champion, /

who has trampled underfoot the tyrants’ threats.  /

Rejoice, thou who gavest thy body of clay to torture /

for the sake of Christ our God.  /

Rejoice, thou who hast shown thyself, in manifold tribulations, /

a tested warrior of the heavenly host. /

O glory of the martyrs, //

we entreat thee to pray for our souls.


The God-given grace of thy miracles, O martyr Theodore, /

thou dost grant to all who turn to thee in faith.  /

We therefore praise thee, saying: /

Thou dost deliver prisoners and heal the sick; /

thou givest riches to the poor and guardest those who sail the seas. /

Thou restrainest slaves from useless flight, /

and showest robbers what their punishment will be; /

thou teachest soldiers to abstain from plunder. /

In thy loving compassion thou dost grant the prayers of children, /

and thou art the fervent protector of all who keep thy holy memory. /

With them we also sing the praises of thy martyrdom, O saint of God: //

pray to Christ that He may show us His great mercy.


O martyr Theodore, thou art a matchless gift from God: /

for after thy death as during  thy lifetime, /

thou dost grant the petitions of those who turn to thee. /

Thus once it happened that the son of a poor widow /

was carried off by soldiers of another faith; /

and she came weeping to thy shrine.  /

Mounted upon a white horse, in loving compassion /

thou hast defended her child with thine invisible protection.  /

And now as then, never dost thou cease from working wonders: //

pray to Christ our God, for the salvation of our souls.


O thrice-blessed Theodore, I honor thee: /

rightly art thou named “Gift from God”.  /

For thou hast shown thyself a never-setting star of the divine Light, /

and through thy sufferings thou dost shine on all the world. /

Proving thyself stronger than fire, thou has quenched the flames; /

and thou hast crushed the head of the deceitful serpent. /

Therefore, in the midst of thy sufferings, /

Christ came and set a crown upon thy holy head. /

O Great Martyr, who hast boldness before God, //

do thou offer fervent intercession for our souls.


Glory… Tone 6: Using as his tool the Apostate Emperor, /

the enemy devised a cruel plot: /

with food polluted by unclean sacrifices /

he sought to defile the people of God /

as they purified themselves through fasting. /

But thou hast defeated his design by a more skillful plan: /

appearing in a dream to the Archbishop, /

thou hast revealed to him the evil plot. /

Therefore we offer thee a sacrifice of thanksgiving, /

honoring thee as our protector /

and keeping the yearly memorial of what was done.  /

May we be kept safe, we pray, from the designs of the enemy //

at thine intercessions, O Martyr Theodore.


Both now… Tone 7:

Thou hast been known to have become a Mother /

in supernatural manner, O Theotokos, /

and hast remained a Virgin /

in manner past recounting and understanding; /

and no tongue can describe the wonder of thy birthgiving. /

For as thy conceiving is all-glorious, /

so is the manner of thy birthgiving beyond comprehension; /

for where God so willeth, the order of nature is over-ruled. /

Wherefore, knowing thee to be the Mother of God, /

we all earnestly entreat thee: //

Pray thou that our souls be saved!


Prokimena and Old Testament Readings


Tone 5: The Lord hear thee in the day of affliction.


Stichos: The name of the God of Jacob defend thee.


Lesson: Genesis 2:20-3:20


Tone 6: Be Thou exalted, O Lord, in Thy strength; we will sing and chant of Thy mighty acts.


Stichos:  O Lord, in Thy strength the king shall be glad.


Lesson: Proverbs 3:19-34


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