Fifth Saturday of Great Lent / Saturday of the Akathist Hymn

Beatitudes on 8, Theotokos: 4, from Ode 3; Theotokos: 4, from Ode 6.


1.  From thee, the untilled field, hath grown the divine Ear of grain.  Rejoice, living table that hath held the Bread of Life.  Rejoice, O Lady, never-failing spring of the Living Water.


2. O Heifer that barest the unblemished Calf for the faithful, rejoice, ewe that hast brought forth the lamb of God Who taketh away the sins of all the world.  Rejoice, ardent mercy-seat.


3. Rejoice brightest dawn, who alone barest Christ the Sun.  Rejoice, dwelling-place of Light, who hast dispersed darkness and utterly driven away the gloomy demons.


4. Rejoice, only door through which the Word alone hath passed.  By thy birthgiving, O Lady, thou hast broken the bars and gates of hell.  Rejoice, Bride of God, divine entry of the saved.


5.  O undefiled bridal chamber of the Word, cause of deification for all, rejoice, all honorable preaching of the prophet; rejoice, adornment of the apostles.


6. From thee hath come the Dew that quenched the flame of idolatry; therefore, we cry to thee: Rejoice, living fleece wet with dew, which Gideon saw of old, O Virgin.


7. Behold, to thee, O Virgin, we cry: Rejoice!  Be thou the port and a haven for all that sail upon the troubled waters of affliction, amidst all the snares of the enemy.


8. Thou cause of joy, endue our thoughts with grace, that we may cry to thee: Rejoice, unconsumed bush, cloud of light that unceasingly overshadowest the faithful.


After the entrance, the choir sings: O come let us worship and fall down before Christ, through the prayers of the Theotokos, O Son of God, save us who sing to Thee: Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.


Troparia & Kontakia


Tone 8: When the bodiless one learned the secret command, /

in haste he came and stood before Joseph’s dwelling and spake unto the Maiden who knew not wedlock: /

The One who hath bowed the heavens by His descent /

is held and contained, unchanging, wholly in thee.  /

Seeing Him receiving the form of a servant in thy womb, I stand in awe and cry to thee: //

Rejoice, thou Bride Unwedded. 


Glory… Both now... Tone 8:

To Thee, the Champion Leader, /

we Thy servants dedicate /

a feast of victory and of thanksgiving /

as ones rescued out of sufferings, O Theotokos: /

but as Thou art one with might which is invincible, /

from all dangers that can be do Thou deliver us, /

that we may cry to Thee: //

Rejoice, Thou Bride Unwedded!

The Epistle


Reader: The Prokimenon in the 3rd Tone:  My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior.

Choir:  My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior.

Reader:  For He hath looked upon the lowliness of His handmaiden; for behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.

Choir:  My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior.

Reader: My soul doth magnify the Lord.

Choir:  And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior


Reader: The Reading is from the Epistle of the Holy Apostle Paul to the Hebrews:

[Hebrews 9:24-28 (§322); Hebrews 9:1-7 (§320)]


Reader: Alleluia in the 8th Tone.

Choir: Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

Reader: Arise, O Lord, into Thy rest, Thou and the Ark of Thy holiness.

Choir: Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

Reader:  Remember, O Lord, David and all his meekness.

Choir: Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!


Gospel [Mark 8:27-31 (§35); Luke 10:38-42, 11:27-28 (§54)]


We sing “It is truly meet…” as usual for the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.


Communion Verse:  I will take the cup of salvation, and I will call upon the name of the Lord.  Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!


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