Responses to Protestant Apologists on Sola Scriptura

By Fr. John Whiteford


The links below are to responses I have written over the years to Protestants who have objected to the thesis of my article on Sola Scriptura.  By their nature, they lack the polish of conventional essays or articles, but I post them here because over the years I have found these discussions to be repetitious, and so in order to avoid the need to cover the same ground over and over again, I decided to organize them into the format presented here.  I have also included some links to other online articles that are relevant. 


·         Response to a Protestant Critique of “Sola Scriptura: In the Vanity of Their Minds”

·         Response to a Protestant Apologist on St. Cyprian of Carthage, and his views of Scripture and Tradition.

·         Response to another Protestant Apologist on the view of the Early Church in general regarding Scripture and Tradition.

·         A Podcast interview on The Illumined Heart: Speaking of Sola Scriptura



Some other articles of interest


·         A Review of Keith Mathison’s The Shape of Sola Scriptura, by Robert Arakaki


Articles by Joe Gallegos (a Roman Catholic)


·        Sola Scriptura in the Early Church.  

·        A Response to William Webster on Sola Scriptura and the Early Church.

·        Private Interpretation of Scripture.  

·        A Debate between Joe Gallegos and James White

·        St. Athanasius and Sola Scriptura. 

·        St. Athanasius on Tradition



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