Forgiveness Sunday / Tone 4

Beatitudes on 10: Octoechos: 6; Triodion: 4, from Ode 6.


1. By the tree was Adam forced to depart from paradise; but by the Tree of the Cross was 
the thief made to dwell in paradise.  For the one by tasting, broke the commandment of 
the creator; while the other, crucified with Him, confessed the hidden God, crying out: 
Remember me in Thy kingdom!
2. O Lord Who wast lifted up upon the Cross, Who hast destroyed the power of death and 
as God hast destroyed the record of our sins, grant also the repentance of the thief unto us 
who faithfully serve Thee and cry out to thee, O Christ God Who alone lovest mankind: 
Remember us also in Thy kingdom!
3. On the Cross Thou didst tear asunder with the spear the record of our sins; and, 
numbered among the dead, Thou didst bind the tyrant of hades, O Lord Who lovest 
mankind, Who by Thy resurrection hast delivered all from the bonds of hades.  Thereby 
have we been illumined, and we cry to Thee: Remember us also in Thy kingdom!
4. O Thou Who alone art immortal, Who wast crucified and as almighty didst arise from 
the tomb on the third day, and hast raised up Adam, the first created: Vouchsafe that I 
also may turn to repentance with my whole heart, and may ever cry out to Thee with 
fervent faith: Remember me, O Savior, in Thy kingdom!
5. For our sake He Who is without passion became a man subject to the passions; and, 
nailed of His own will to the Cross, He hath raised us up with Himself.  Wherefore, we 
glorify His Cross, passion, and resurrection, whereby we have been refashioned and 
whereby we also are saved, who cry out: Remember us also in Thy kingdom!
6. O ye faithful, let us entreat Him who hath risen from the dead, hath made captive the 
dominion of hades, and wast seen by the myrrh-bearing women and said to them: 
“Rejoice!”, that He deliver from corruption the souls of us who ever cry out to Him with 
the voice of the noble thief: Remember us also in Thy kingdom!

7.  O Savior, in Thy compassion Thou hast clothed me in Eden with a divinely woven

garment; but, persuaded by the devil, I neglected Thy commandment and was stripped

naked in my wretchedness.


8.  O miserable soul, thou hast departed far from God through thy carelessness; Thou hast

been deprived of the delight of Paradise and parted from the angels; thou hast been led

down into corruption.  How art thou fallen!


9.  Almighty God, have mercy and take pity on the work of Thy hands.  I have cut myself

off from the choir of Thine angels; but I entreat Thee, loving Lord, reject me not.


10.  O Mary chosen by God, Queen of the world, thou hast borne the Lord who is King of

all and Redeemer.  I am a prisoner and an exile from the glory of Paradise: I entreat thee,

call me back.




Tone 4:  Having learned the joyful proclamation of the Resurrection from the angel, /
and having cast off the ancestral condemnation, /
the women disciples of the Lord spake to the apostles exultantly: /
Death is despoiled and Christ God is risen, //
granting to the world great mercy.


Glory…  [Troparion of the Temple]


Both now… [Resurrectional Theotokion in the same tone as the Troparion of the

Temple… the Tone of the week is given here:]


Tone 4: The mystery hidden from before the ages /
and unknown even to the angels, /
through thee, O Theotokos, hath been revealed to those on earth: /
God incarnate in unconfused union, /
Who willingly accepted the Cross for our sake /
and thereby raising up the first-formed man, //

hath saved our souls from death.


The Epistle


Reader: The Prokimenon in the 8th Tone:  Make your vows and pay them to the Lord

our God.

Choir:  Make your vows and pay them to the Lord our God.

Reader:  In Judea is God known, His name is great in Israel.

Choir:  Make your vows and pay them to the Lord our God.

Reader:  Make your vows

Choir:  and pay them to the Lord our God.


Reader: The Reading is from the Epistle of the Holy Apostle Paul to the Romans:

[Romans 13:11-14:4 (§112)]


Reader: Alleluia in the 6th Tone.

Choir: Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

Reader:  It is good to give praise unto the Lord and to chant unto Thy name, O Most


Choir: Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

Reader:  To proclaim in the morning Thy mercy, and Thy truth by night.

Choir: Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!


Gospel [Matthew 6:14-21 (§17)]




[Kontakion of the Temple]


Glory...  Both now... Tone 6:  O Thou guide unto wisdom, /

bestower of prudence, instructor of the foolish and defender of the poor:  /

Establish and grant understanding unto my heart, O Master.  /

Grant me speech, O Word of the Father; /

for behold, I shall not keep my lips from crying unto Thee: O Merciful One, //

have mercy on me who have fallen.


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