First Sunday of Great Lent/ the Triumph of Orthodoxy / Tone 5

Beatitudes on 10: Octoechos 6; Triodion 4, from Ode 6.

1.  Believing Thee to be God, O Christ, the thief on the cross confessed Thee in a pure manner, crying out from the depths of his heart:  Remember me in Thy kingdom, O Lord!


2.  Together let us hymn as Savior and Creator, Him Who on the Cross budded forth life for our race and caused the curse which originated from the tree to wither up.


3.  By Thy death hast Thou destroyed the power of death, O Christ, and Thou didst raise up with Thyself the dead of ages past, who now hymn Thee as our true God and Savior.


4.  Arriving at Thy tomb, O Christ, the honorable women sought to anoint Thee with myrrh, O Bestower of life; but an angel appeared to them, crying out: The Lord is risen!


5.  When Thou wast crucified between two condemned thieves, O Christ, one of them blasphemed Thee and was justly damned, while the other confessed Thee and dwelleth now in paradise.


6.  When they had come to the choir of the apostles, the honorable women cried out: Christ is risen!  Let us worship Him as Master and Creator.


7.  Once more the Master’s countenance is depicted, honored with faith and venerated; once more the Church regains her boldness of approach to God, reverently glorifying the Savior.


8.  The Church of Christ is delivered from the dark despondency of heresy: she puts on a robe of gladness, and is clothed in the light of divine grace.


9.  The Orthodox people has regained the light and glory which it had of old, through the decision of the Empress Theodora and her pious son the Emperor Michael.


10.  He who of old commanded Moses to set up the ark of the testimony, came to dwell in thee, O Virgin, as in a spiritual ark: He alone is glorified, and he makes thy temple glorious with miracles.




Tone 5:  Let us, O faithful, praise and worship the Word /

Who is co-unoriginate with the Father and the Spirit, /

and Who was born of the Virgin for our salvation; /

for He was pleased to ascend the Cross in the flesh /

and to endure death, //

and to raise the dead by His glorious Resurrection.


Glory… Tone 2:  We venerate Thine immaculate Icon, O Good One, /

asking the forgiveness of our failings, O Christ God; /

for of Thine Own will Thou was well-pleased to ascend the Cross in the flesh /

that Thou mightest deliver from slavery to the enemy those whom thou hadst fashioned.  /

Wherefore, we cry to Thee thankfully: //

Thou didst fill all things with joy, O our Savior, when Thou camest to save the world.


Both now… Tone 2:  All of thy most glorious mysteries are beyond comprehension, O

Theotokos; /

for, thy purity sealed and thy virginity intact, /

thou art known to be a true

Mother, /

having given birth unto God. //

Him do thou entreat, that our souls be saved.


The Epistle


Reader: The Prokimenon in the 4th Tone: Blessed art Thou, O Lord, the God of our fathers, and praised and glorified is Thy name unto the ages.

Choir:  Blessed art Thou, O Lord, the God of our fathers, and praised and glorified is Thy name unto the ages.

Reader:  For righteous art Thou in all which Thou hast done for us.

Choir: Blessed art Thou, O Lord, the God of our fathers, and praised and glorified is Thy name unto the ages.

Reader: Blessed art Thou, O Lord, the God of our fathers

Choir: and praised and glorified is Thy name unto the ages.


Reader: The Reading is from the Epistle of the Holy Apostle Paul to the Hebrews:

[Hebrews 11:24-26;32-12:2 (§329 ctr)]


Reader: Alleluia in the 4th Tone

Choir: Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

Reader:  Moses and Aaron among His priests, and Samuel among them that call upon His name.

Choir: Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

Reader:  They called upon the Lord, and He hearkened unto them.

Choir: Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!


Gospel [John 1:43-51 (§5)]




Tone 8:   The uncircumscribable Word of the Father was circumscribed /

when He took flesh of thee, O Theotokos; /

and when He had restored the defiled image to its ancient state, /

He suffused it with divine beauty. //

As for us, confessing our salvation, we record it in deed and word.


Instead of “It is truly meet…”[Tone 8 in the Octoechos, but usually sung to one  of

many special melodies]:


All creation – the assembly of angels and the race of man – rejoiceth in thee, O thou who art full of grace, O sacred temple and noetical paradise, boast of virgins, from whom  God, Who existeth from before time, was incarnate and became a child; for He made thy body a throne, and thy womb He made more spacious than the heavens.  All creation rejoiceth in thee, O thou who art full of grace.  Glory to thee!


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