Katavasia of the Transfiguration

(Tone 4)


Ode 1. The choirs of Israel passed dry-shod across the Red Sea and the watery deep; /

and beholding the riders and captains of the enemy swallowed by the waters,/

they cried out for joy: //

‘Let us sing unto our God, for He hath been glorified.’


Ode 3.  The bow of the mighty hath waxed feeble /

and the weak have girded themselves with strength: //

therefore is my heart established in the Lord.


Ode 4.  I have heard of Thy glorious Dispensation, O Christ our God: /

how Thou wast born of the Virgin, /

so that Thou mightest deliver from error those who cry aloud to Thee: //

Glory to Thy power, O Lord.


Ode 5.  Thou hast parted the light from the original chaos, /

that Thy works might celebrate Thee in light, O Christ, as their Creator: //

do Thou direct our paths in Thy light.


Ode 6.  In mine affliction I cried unto the Lord, /

the God of my salvation, //

and He hearkened unto me.


Ode 7.  Of old the Abrahamite Children in Babylon /

trampled down the flame of the furnace, /

whilst crying out with hymns: //

O God of our Fathers, blessed art Thou.


Ode 8.  In Babylon the Children, burning with zeal for God /

bravely trampled upon the threat of the tyrant and the fire; /

thrown into the midst of the flames but refreshed with dew they sang: //

‘O all ye works of the Lord, bless ye the Lord.’


Ode 9.  Thy birthgiving was undefiled: /

God came forth from thy womb, /

and He appeared upon earth wearing flesh /

and made His dwelling among men; //

therefore we all magnify thee, O Theotokos.