Katavasia of the Meeting of our Lord

Tone 3


Ode 1.  The Sun once shone with its rays upon dry land /

in the midst of the deep.  /

For the water on both sides became firm as a wall /

while the people crossed the sea on foot, /

offering this song acceptable to God:  //

Let us sing to the Lord; for gloriously is he glorified.


Ode 3.  O Lord, the firm foundation of those that put their trust in Thee, /

do Thou confirm the Church, //

which Thou hast purchased with thy precious blood.


Ode 4.  Thy virtue, O Christ, hath covered the heavens, /

for proceeding forth from the Ark of Thy sanctification, /

from Thine undefiled Mother, /

Thou hast appeared in the temple of Thy glory as an infant in arms, //

and the whole world hath been filled with Thy praise.


Ode 5.  In a figure Isaiah saw God upon a throne,/

lifted up on high and borne in triumph by angels of glory; /

and he cried: ‘Woe is me!  /

For I have seen beforehand God made flesh, //

Lord of the light that knows no evening and King of peace.’


Ode 6.  The Elder, having seen with his eyes /

the salvation that was to come to the peoples, /

cried aloud unto Thee: //

‘O Christ that comest from God, Thou art my God.’


Ode 7.  O Word of God who in the midst of the fire /

hast dropped dew upon the children /

as they discoursed on things divine, /

and Who hast taken up Thy dwelling in the pure Virgin:  /

Thee do we praise as with piety we sing:  //

O God of our fathers, blessed art Thou.


Ode 8.  Standing together in the unbearable fire, /

yet not harmed by the flame, /

the children, champions of godliness, sang a divine hymn:  /

O all ye works of the Lord, //

bless ye the Lord and exalt Him above all for ever.


Ode 9.  In the shadow and the letter of the Law, /

let us, the faithful, discern a figure: /

every male child that opens the womb /

shall be sanctified to God.  /

Therefore do we magnify the firstborn Word /

and Son of the Father without beginning, //

the firstborn Child of a Mother who hath not known a man.