Pentecost Katavasia Tone 4

Ode 1.  Covered with divine darkness,/ the one slow of speech hath proclaimed the God written law;/ for having thrown the mire off his mental eye,/ he doth see the Existing One and is taught knowledge of the Spirit,// praising with divine songs. 

Ode 3. The fetters of a childless womb,/ and the unbearable insults from a fruitful foe/ were of old done away with by Anna the Prophetess by her prayer alone,/ brought with a broken spirit,// unto the Mighty One and God of wisdom. 

Ode 4. O King of Kings, Only Like of Like,/ Word coming forth from the Uncaused Father,/ as a benefactor Thou hast now ineffably sent forth Thy Spirit,/ Equal in might, upon the apostles who chant:// Glory to Thy dominion, O Lord. 

Ode 5.  A redemptive purification of short comings,/ the fire-breathing dew of the Spirit,/ receive, O ye luminous children of the Church,/ for now out of Zion hath a law gone forth:// the grace of the Spirit in the form of tongues of fire. 

Ode 6.  O Christ, our propitiation and salvation,/ Thou didst shine forth, O Master, from the Virgin,/ that, just as the Prophet Jonah from the breast of the sea monster,/ Thou mightest rescue from corruption the whole Adam,// fallen with all his race. 

Ode 7.  The harmonious music of the flutes sounded forth/ to honor the lifeless idol made of gold;/ but the light-bearing grace of the Comforter/ doth inspire to cry out in rev-er-ence:/ Trinity in Unity,/ equal in might and beginning less,// Blessed art Thou! 

Ode 8. The thrice-radiant Form of the Godhead looseth the chains and bedeweth the flame;/ the youths chant, and the whole creation blesseth// the Only Savior and Creator as Ben-e-fac-tor. 

Ode 9. Rejoice thou, O Queen, the glory of both mothers and virgins!/ For no mouth, however fluent and well-spoken,/ can be so eloquent as to hymn thee worthily;/ and every mind faileth to understand thy childbirth// with one accord thee do we glorify.