Katavasia of Nativity††† Tone 1


Ode 1.Christ is born, give ye glory./

Christ cometh from heaven, meet ye Him./

Christ is on earth, be ye exalted./

O all the earth, sing unto the Lord, /

and sing praises in gladness, O ye people, //

for He hath been glorified.


Ode 3.To the Son who was begotten of the Father /

without change before all ages, /

and in the last times was without seed made flesh of the Virgin, /

to Christ our God let us cry aloud:/

Thou hast raised up our horn, //

holy art Thou, O Lord.


Ode 4.Rod of the root of Jesse, /

and flower that blossomed from his stem, O Christ, /

Thou hast sprung from the Virgin./

From the Mountain overshadowed by the forest Thou hast come, /

made flesh from her that knew not wedlock, /

O God who art not formed from matter.//

Glory to Thy power, O Lord.


Ode 5.As Thou art God of peace and Father of mercies, /

Thou hast sent unto us Thine Angel of great counsel, /

granting us peace./

So are we guided towards the light of the knowledge of God, /

and watching by night we glorify Thee, //

O Lover of mankind.


Ode 6.The sea monster spat forth Jonah as it had received him, /

like a babe from the womb: /

while the Word, having dwelt in the Virgin and taken flesh, /

came forth from her yet kept her uncorrupt./

For being Himself not subject to decay, //

He preserved His Mother free from harm.


Ode 7.Scorning the impious decree, /

the Children brought up together in godliness /

feared not the threat of fire, /

but standing in the midst of the flames, they sang: /

O God of our fathers, //

blessed art Thou.


Ode 8.The furnace moist with dew was the image and figure of a wonder past nature./

For it burnt not the Children whom it had received, /

even as the fire of the Godhead consumed not the Virginís womb /

into which it had descended. /

Therefore in praise let us sing:/

Let the whole creation bless the Lord //

and exalt Him above all for ever.


Ode 9.A strange and most wonderful mystery do I see: /

the cave is heaven; /

the Virgin the throne of the cherubim; /

the manger a room, /

in which Christ, the God whom nothing can contain, is laid.//

Him do we praise and magnify.