Katavasia of the Great Canon

Tone 6


Ode 1. He is for me unto salvation Helper and Protector. /

He is my God and I glorify Him, /

God of my fathers is He /

and I exalt Him, //

for He is greatly glorified.


Ode 3. O Lord, upon the rock of Thy commandments /

make firm my wavering heart, //

for Thou alone art Holy and Lord.


Ode 4. The Prophet heard of Thy coming, O Lord, /

and he was afraid: /

how thou wast to be born of a Virgin and revealed to men, /

and he said: I have heard the report of Thee and I was afraid. //

Glory to Thy power, O Lord.


Ode 5. From the night I seek Thee early, O Lover of mankind: /

give me light, I pray Thee, /

and guide me in Thy commandments, //

and teach me, O Savior, to do Thy will.


Ode 6. With my whole heart /

I cried to the all-compassionate God: /

and He heard from the lowest depths of hell, //

and brought my life out of corruption.


Ode 7. We have sinned, we have transgressed, we have done evil in Thy sight; /

we have not kept or followed Thy commandments. /

But reject us not utterly, //

O God of our fathers.


Ode 8. The hosts of heaven give Him glory; /

before Him tremble cherubim and seraphim; /

let everything that hath breath and all creation praise Him, /

bless Him, and exalt Him //

above all for ever.


Ode 9. Conception without seed; /

nativity past understanding, /

from a Mother who never knew a man; /

childbearing undefiled. /

For the birth of God makes both natures new. /

Therefore, as the Mother of our God, /

with true worship //

all generations magnify thee.