Katavasia of Ascension

Tone 5


Ode 1: Let us sing unto the only Savior and God, /

Who guided the people dry-shod in the sea, /

and drowned Pharaoh with all his forces; //

for He is glorified.


Ode 3: By the power of Thy Cross, O Christ, /

do Thou make steadfast mine understanding, /

that I may hymn and glorify //

Thy saving Ascension.


Ode 4: I have heard the report of the mighty deed /

of Thy Cross, O Lord, /

how Paradise was opened thereby, and I cried: //

Glory to Thy power, O Lord.


Ode 5: Waking at dawn, /

we cry unto Thee, O Lord: /

Save us, for Thou art our God; //

besides Thee we know none other.


Ode 6: The abyss hath encompassed me, /

the sea monster is become my grave; /

but I cried unto Thee, the Lover of mankind, //

and Thy right hand saved me, O Lord.


Ode 7: O Thou Who didst save the Children /

who praised Thee in the furnace of fire, /

blessed art Thou, //

O God of our Fathers.


Ode 8: Unto God the Son, Who was begotten of the Father before the ages /

and was incarnate of a Virgin Mother in these last times, /

give praise, O ye priests, //

and supremely exalt Him, O ye people, unto all the ages.


Ode 9: O thou who art Godís Mother transcending mind and word, /

who ineffably in time gavest birth unto the Timeless One, /

thee do we the faithful //

magnify with one accord.