The Katavasia of the Sunday of the Cross

Tone 1


Ode 1:  Moses the servant of God prefigured Thy Cross /

in days of old, when he divided the Red Sea with his rod /

and led Israel across on dry land; /

and he sang a song of deliverance unto Thee, //

O Christ our God.


Ode 3:  Through Thy Cross, O Christ my Master, /

set me firmly on the rock of the faith: /

let not my mind be shaken /

by the assaults of the malicious enemy; //

for Thou alone art holy. 


Ode 4:  Seeing Thee, O mighty Lord, upon the Cross, /

the sun was seized with fear and hid its rays, /

with dread the whole creation glorified Thy longsuffering, //

and the earth was filled with Thy praise.


Ode 5:  Rising early in the morning we sing Thy praises, /

O Savior of the world, /

for we have found peace through Thy Cross.  /

By it Thou hast renewed mankind, //

and led us to the light that knows no evening.


Ode 6:  Jonah in the belly of the whale /

foreshadowed with his outstretched hands the figure of the Cross; /

and he leapt out from the monster, //

saved by Thy power, O Word.


Ode 7:  The Lord who delivered the Children from the flames /

took flesh and came upon the earth: /

nailed to the Cross, He has granted us salvation, /

the God of our fathers, //

who alone is blessed and greatly glorified


Ode 8:  Daniel, great among the prophets, /

was cast into the lions’ den; /

but, stretching out his hands in the form of the Cross, /

he was delivered from their mouths and kept unharmed, //

blessing Christ our God forever.


Ode 9:  O Virgin Mother and true Theotokos, /

without seed thou hast borne Christ our God, /

who was lifted in the flesh upon the Cross.  /

We and all the faithful, as is right, //

magnify thee with thy Son.