Fourth Week of Lent.


Wednesday Evening Vespers with the Presanctified Liturgy: Kathisma 18.

Lord, I have cried, Tone 4, on 10: Triodion 6 (The Fast that brings us blessings LTS, p. 206); Martyr 4 (With the all-praised Quadratus Martyr Quadratus (March 10), first sticheron x2); G/N: Triodion (Today He Who is intangible in essence from the Triodion, p. 349).

Entrance with the censer; O Gladsome Light; Prokimenon of the Triodion, Tone 4: Blessed is the Lord, the God of Israel. Reading: Gen. 9:18-10:1. Prokimenon of the Triodion, Tone 4: But it is good for me to cleave unto God. Reading: Prov. 12:23-13:9. Let my prayer arise and the rest of the Presanctified Liturgy.