The Sunday of the Prodigal Son/

The Synaxis of the Three Great Hierarchs (Tone 2)


Vespers: Blessed is the man.

Lord I have Cried, Tone 2, on 10: Octoechos 3; Triodion 3 (I was entrusted with a sinless and living land); Hierarchs 4 (As is meet, let us glorify); G: Triodion (Of what great blessings in my wretchedness); N: Sunday Dogmatic in the tone of the week.

Entry; O Gladsome Light; Prokimenon of the day, Tone 6: The Lord is King.

3 Readings for the Hierarchs.

Litia: Stichera of the Temple, Triodion (I have come before Thee, Lord. & As the Prodigal I have wasted from the stichera of the Praises); G: Hierarchs (Come, ye servants of the heavenly Trinity); N: Triodion (As the Prodigal Son I come to Thee).

Aposticha: Octoechos, G: Hierarchs (Today are the souls of mortals upborne); N: Triodion (I have wasted the wealth)

Troparia: O Theotokos and Virgin x2; Hierarchs (In that ye share in the way of the apostles) x1.


Matins: God is the Lord, Tone 2; Troparia: Resurrection x2, G: Hierarchs; N: Resurrectional Theotokion, Tone 4 (The mystery hidden).

After each Kathisma: Sessional hymns from the Octoechos.

Polyeleos; By the waters of Babylon; Magnification of the Hierarchs: We magnify you, O Hierarchs of Christ: Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, and John Chrysostom, and we honor your holy memory; for ye do pray for us to Christ our God; The Evlogitaria (The assembly of angels was amazed).

Hypakoe of the Tone; all the Sessional hymns of the Hierarchs.

Hymns of Ascents, and Prokimenon, Tone 2.

Matins Gospel 2, Mark 16:1-8 (70).

Having beheld the Resurrection; Psalm 50; G: The doors of repentance; N: Guide me in the paths of salvation; Have mercy on me, O God; When I think of the multitude of evil things I have done. Save, O God, Thy people.


Canon: Resurrection 4 Glory to Thy Holy Resurrection, O Lord.

Theotokos 2 O Most Holy Theotokos, save us.

Triodion 4 Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me.

Hierarchs (first canon) 4 Holy Three Hierarchs of Christ, pray to God for us.

Irmos of the Canon of the Resurrection, Tone 2.

Katavasia: The Sun once shone with its rays.


After Ode 3, Kontakion (The sacred heralds of divine proclamation), Ikos & Sessional hymn of the Hierarchs (Together let us praise the great and luminous beacons); G: Hierarchs (Receiving wisdom from God); N: Sessional hymn of the Triodion (Make haste to open unto me).

After Ode 6, Kontakion (Having foolishly abandoned Thy paternal glory) and Ikos of the Triodion.

At Ode 9, More Honorable.


Holy is the Lord, our God.  

Exapostilaria: Resurrection; G: Hierarchs (Let us praise the God-bearing fathers); N: Triodion (The wealth of grace that Thou hast given me).

Praises, Tone 2, on 8: Resurrection 4; Hierarchs 4 (Rejoice, O trinity of hierarchs with the doxasticon (Let us sound the clarion of hymns, that we may dance) and the final two psalm verses: The saints shall boast in glory, and they shall rejoice upon their beds. & Thy priests shall be clothed with righteousness, and Thy righteous shall rejoice); G: Triodion (O loving Father); N: Most blessed art thou. After the Great Doxology, the Troparion: Having risen; the two remaining Litanies and Resurrectional Dismissal. After the Dismissal: G/N: Gospel Sticheron; followed by First Hour.


Hours: Troparia: Resurrection, G: Hierarchs; Kontakion: Triodion and Hierarchs, alternating.


Liturgy: Beatitudes on 12: Octoechos 4; Triodion 4, from Ode 3; Hierarchs 4, from Ode 6.

After the entrance: Troparion of the Resurrection; Hierarchs; Kontakion of the Resurrection; G: Hierarchs; N: Triodion.

But in a Temple of the Theotokos: Troparion of the Resurrection; Temple; Hierarchs; Kontakion of the Triodion; G: Hierarchs; N: Temple.

Prokimenon, Tone 2: The Lord is my strength and my song. & Tone 8: Their sound hath gone forth.

Epistle: I Cor. 6:12-20 (135); Heb. 13:7-16 (334).

Alleluia, Tone 2 & Tone 4.

Gospel: Luke 15:11-32 (79); Matt. 5:14-19 (11).

Communion Hymn: Praise the Lord in the heavens. & Rejoice in the Lord, O ye righteous.

Resurrectional Dismissal.