p. 28f The rubrics for the Feast of the Three Hierarchs should have incorporated elements from the Triodion. See


p. 33. The second Epistle (Hebrews 7:7-17) and the second Gospel (Luke 2:22-40) listed should be omitted.


p. 34. After the Gospel reading, the rubrics should read:


Having beheld the Resurrection; Psalm 50; G: The doors of repentance; N: Guide me in the paths of salvation; Have mercy on me, O God; When I think of the multitude of evil things I have done. Save, O God, Thy people.


p.36. at the Lord I have cried, the text should read: G/ N: Theotokion (Like the Archangel, we, the faithful See The Common Theotokia: Theotokia in the Eight Tones in the Appendix of the Menaion).


p. 77ff The Triodion references in the rubrics are incorrect. The corrected rubrics are posted here: