St. Jonah Orthodox Church

Solicitation for Funds



As an expression of my (our) love for Jesus Christ and desire to help with the construction of the Phase II Church building for St. Jonah Orthodox Church, I (we) do hereby indicate my (our) intentions to aid in the funding for this endeavor.  All donations will be held in strictest confidence. We also ask for your regular prayers for our parish and for the success of this project.


My (our) proposed intentions are:


        A gift of:                                            $____________________


        An increase in weekly/monthly tithe of: $____________________


        Other: ________________________________________________     



        Name: _________________________________


        Address: _______________________________




        Phone Number:__________________________


        E-mail: _________________________________


Please return this form by January 31, 2010 to:


St. Jonah Orthodox Church

P.O. Box 1427

Spring, Texas 77383


You can also e-mail your response to