Things Previously Donated

Updated 8/31/2010


39.  Two more Analogions ($200.00 each).  Donated! 


38.  The October Menaion ($120.00); The November Menaion ($120.00); The February Menaion ($85.00); The March Menaion ($70.00); The May Menaion ($75.00); and the August Menaion ($110.00). Donated!      


37.  Censer Stand  Donated!


36.  2 additional Candle Stands: Such as this one  Donated!


                35.  The Complete Pentecostarion  Donated!


34.  Processional Fans   Donated!    


                33.  Chrism Container   Donated!     


                32.  Wedding Crowns   Donated!     


                31.  A Standing Candle Holder  Donated!  


                30.  A set of Green Vestments. Donated!


                29.  Icon of the Publican and Pharisee.  Donated!


28.  Icon of All Saints of Russia.  Donated!


27. Litia Tray  Donated!


                26. New Zeon  Donated!


25. New Censer with bells  Donated!


24.  Icons of the 12 Apostles.  Donated!


23.  Red, and Blue Vestments  Money Donated!


22.  Annointing Brush    Money Donated!


21.  Holy Water Sprinkler  Money Donated!


20.  An Epitaphios   Money Donated!


19.  A Tabernacle   Donated!


18.  A Russian Censer without bells.  Donated!


17.  A Seven Branch Altar Stand  Donated!


16.  Icons of the Feast of the Protection, St. Vladimir, the Holy Unmercenaries, and many others. Donated!


15.  Processional Cross and Banners  Donated!


14.  White, and Purple Vestments  Money Donated!


13. A Standing Candle Holder  Donated!


12. A Baptismal Fount for small children.  Click here for some examples. Donated!


11. The Velikij Sbornik  Donated!


10.  $625 for a Gospel Book.  Money Donated!


9.  Money for numerous items ranging from a microwave to curtains, needed for our new location.    Money Donated!


8. About 30+ folding chairs.   Money Donated!


7. At least one, and probably two folding tables.  Donated!


6. About $500 dollars to have a portable iconostasis made, which will provide us with an iconostasis that will be usable in almost any location.  Money Donated!


5. About $300 dollars to commission an icon of St. Jonah.   Donated!


4.  A set of Festal Icons.    Donated!


                3.  The English Complete Octoechos (each volume is $35 dollars).


        Volume 1 (Tones 1 and 2)    Donated!

        Volume 2 (Tones 3 and 4)    Money Donated!

        Volume 3 (Tones 5 and 6)    Money Donated!

        Volume 4 (Tones 7 and 8)    Money Donated!


                2. The English Menaion volumes for April ($75) and June ($100).   Money Donated!


1. A used set of purple priest vestments    Donated!



If you are interested in becoming a part of our mission, please contact us at 281-467-0264.


        If you would like to donate, please send your donations to:


St. Jonah Orthodox Church

P.O. Box 1427

Spring, Texas 77383


        You can also e-mail us for more information.



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