Presanctified Liturgy: Wednesday in the 4th Week

The Reigning Icon


Tone 4:

The Fast that brings us blessings has now reached it midmost point; /

it has helped us to receive God’s grace in the days that are past, /

and will bring us further benefit in the days still to come. /

For by continuing in what is right we attain yet greater gifts. /

We therefore cry to Christ, the giver of all good: /

O Thou who for our sakes hast fasted and endured the Cross, /

make us worthy to share uncondemned in Thy divine Passover. /

May we spend our lives in peace //

and rightly glorify Thee with the Father and the Spirit.         


Tone 5: If we look for a spiritual recompense, /

let us perform our good deeds in secret; /

let us not proclaim them in the streets /

but keep them hidden in our hearts. /

Then He Who sees the secrets of all men will reward us for our abstinence. /

Let us complete the Fast, not with a sad countenance, /

but praying in the inner chamber of our souls; /

and without ceasing, let us cry: /

Our Father Who art in heaven, /

lead us not into temptation, we pray, //

but deliver us from the evil one.


Your souls, O holy martyrs, /

were filled with an insatiable love; /

not denying Christ ye endured great sufferings and torments, /

and ye cast down the tyrant’s pride. /

Ye kept the Faith unaltered and unharmed, /

and now have gone to dwell in heaven, /

since ye have boldness before Christ, /

pray that peace be given to the world, //

and to our souls great mercy.


Tone 1:  Let us wash our souls clean in the waters of the Fast, /

and, approaching the precious and honored Cross of the Lord, /

let us venerate it in faith; /

let us draw from it divine enlightenment, //

gathering the fruit of eternal salvation, peace and great mercy.


O Cross, glory of the apostles, /

attended by principalities and powers and archangels, /

keep safe from all harm those that venerate thee. /

Grant us to follow rightly to the end the divine path of abstinence, //

and to reach the day of salvation when we too shall be saved.


Tone 7: As we venerate today the Cross of the Lord, let us cry: /

Rejoice, Tree of Life, victor over hell; /

rejoice, joy of the world and slayer of corruption, /

for by thy power thou scatterest the demons! /

Strong support of the faithful, weapon that cannot be broken, //

we pray thee, guard and sanctify those who show thee honor.


Tone 4: I have lamented and cried unto thee, O Mistress, /

but my crying hath availed me nought, /

and my wailing hath been drowned out by the torrent of my sins.  /

How then can I offer thee supplication?  /

Do thou thyself grant my prayer and preserve thy servant.  /

My heart hath withered, and my head is covered with sores; /

my eyes are grown weak from darkness, /

and I am wounded in my joints.  /

But save me, in that thou art she who reigneth, //

and grant me great mercy. 


Injustice hath covered thy land like a sea, /

and we are now cruelly engulfed; /

but do thou stretch forth thy right hand and, as thou art all-lauded, /

set us upon the rock of the Faith.  /

Save us, save us, O Mistress, //

and establish thy dominion among us. 


Thy flock here is shown to have the character of the serpent, /

for we are buffetted by the wind and are unable to endure; /

but, as thou art good, still thou the waters of contention /

and reject not thy servants, ever maintaining thy mercy even unto us.  /

If thou, O Theotokos who art exalted far above all others, /

if thou, O impregnable rampart and joy of the world, wilt not, /

who then will beseech thy Son, Christ our God, in our behalf, /

that He have mercy upon His grieving people, who are contrite of heart? //

Before Him, then, be thou a never-tiring mediatress, and save us. 


Come, all ye faithful, and, assembling together, /

let us cry out to the reigning Mistress and say to her thus:  /

We are all unprofitable, and we therefore fall down before thee /

and entreat thee with boldness and faith, saying:  /

Disdain us not who are accursed; //

but haste thou to make entreaty, and save all the Orthodox! 


Glory... Tone 8 [from Triodion, p. 349]:

Today He Who is intangible in essence /

becometh tangible to me /

and undergoeth suffering, freeing me from the passions. /

He Who granteth light to the blind /

is spat upon by the mouths of the iniquitous, /

and giveth His shoulders over to stripes /

for those who have been made captive. /

And the pure Virgin Mother, /

seeing Him upon the Cross, cried aloud in pain: /

"Woe is me, O my Child! /

What is this that Thou hast done? /

Thou Who art comely in beauty beyond all men /

dost show Thyself to be bereft of breath and sight, /

lacking in appearance and beauty. /

Woe is me, O my Light! /

I cannot look upon Thee asleep. /

I am wounded within, /

and a cruel sword passeth through my heart! /

I hymn Thy sufferings, /

I worship Thy loving-kindness. //

O Long-suffering One, glory be to Thee!


Both now… Tone 4:

Put not your trust in princes who pass away; /

for they are able to accomplish nought, and are sons of men; /

they will fade like the grass, and no one will remember them.  /

But pray, pray, O brethren, /

and the Mother of our God will take you under her protection; /

and we shall find rest, O ye people, //

beneath her mantle.


Prokimena and Old Testament Readings


Tone 4:

Blessed is the Lord, the God of Israel, * Who alone doeth wonders.


Stichos: O God, give Thy judgment to the king, and Thy righteousness to the son of the king.


Reading: Genesis 9:18-10:1


Tone 4:

But it is good for me * to cleave unto God.


Stichos: How good is God to Israel, to them that are upright of heart.


Reading: Proverbs 12:23-13:9


And the 3 Readings of the Icon in the Menaion.


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