22nd Sunday after Pentecost / Holy Great-martyr Demetrius and Commemoration of the Great Earthquake at Constantinople in 740 AD.

Beatitudes on 12 Octoechos 4; Earthquake 4, from Ode 3; Martyr 4, from Ode 6.


1.  Believing Thee to be God, O Christ, the thief on the cross confessed Thee in a pure manner, crying out from the depths of his heart:  Remember me in Thy kingdom, O Lord!


2.  Together let us hymn as Savior and Creator, Him Who on the Cross budded forth life for our race and caused the curse which originated from the tree to wither up.


3.  By Thy death hast Thou destroyed the power of death, O Christ, and Thou didst raise up with Thyself the dead of ages past, who now hymn Thee as our true God and Savior.


4.  Arriving at Thy tomb, O Christ, the honorable women sought to anoint Thee with myrrh, O Bestower of life; but an angel appeared to them, crying out: The Lord is risen!


5 & 6.  The earth is wounded because of the evils which lie upon us and ever rouse Thine anger against us, O compassionate King of all.  But take pity on Thy servants, O Master.


7.  Having shaken it, Thou hast made the earth stable again, O Lord, chastising and converting our weakness, desiring to make us steadfast through godly fear of Thee, O Most Blessed One.


8.  O brethren, let us flee sin which hath engendered bitter death, most oppressive earthquakes and unbearable plagues; and let us please God with repentance.


9.  Assembling together, we chant thy glorious and luminous memorial which is full of wonders and of the gifts of the honored and Holy Spirit, O most blessed one.


10.  By thy supplications loose the bonds of mine offenses, for, as an invincible martyr, thou hast boldness before the Master; and be thou my refuge and protection, O Demetrius.


11.  Thou didst flourish spiritually, like a fruitful olive-tree, and wast violently pressed by the hands of soldiers.  But now thou dost comfort the faithful, O Demetrius, pouring forth myrrh from thy divine tomb.


12.  Beholding the golden and ever-burning lamp of the Light, we who have darkened our souls with a multitude of sins draw nigh, for she giveth us illumination and driveth away all darkness.


Troparia & Kontakia


Tone 5:  Let us, O faithful, praise and worship the Word /

Who is co-unoriginate with the Father and the Spirit, /

and Who was born of the Virgin for our salvation; /

for He was pleased to ascend the Cross in the flesh /

and to endure death, //

and to raise the dead by His glorious Resurrection.


Tone 8: 

O Christ our God, Who lookest on the earth and makest it tremble: /

Deliver us from the dreadful threat of the earthquake, /

and send down upon us thy rich mercies and save us, //

through the supplications of the Theotokos.


Tone 3: 

The whole world hath found thee to be a great champion amid misfortunes, /

who conquered the pagans, O passion-bearer.  /

Therefore, as thou didst cast down the pride of Lyaeus /

and didst appoint the bold Nestor for the struggle, /

thus, O Demetrius, beseech Christ God //

to grant us great mercy.


Tone 5:  Unto hades, O my Savior, didst Thou descend, /

and having broken its gates as one omnipotent, /

Thou, as Creator, didst raise up the dead together with Thyself. /

And Thou didst break the sting of death, /

and didst deliver Adam from the curse, O Lover of mankind. /

Wherefore, we all cry unto Thee: //

Save us, O Lord.


Glory… Tone 2:  He Who gave thee invincible strength, O Demetrius, /

hath dyed the Church in the streams of thy blood, /

and hath preserved thy city unharmed, //

for thou art its confirmation.


Both now... Tone 6:

Deliver us from the terrible trembling of the earth, O Lord, /

and from plagues unbearable on account of our sins.  /

Take pity on the Orthodox people /

which Thou hast purchased with Thy blood, O Lord and Master, /

and deliver not this city unto destruction by dreadful earthquake; /

for we know none other God than Thee, /

and unto those who hymn Thee hast Thou exclaimed: //

I am with you, and no one shall be against you!


The Epistle


Reader: The Prokimenon in the 5th Tone: Thou, O Lord, shalt keep us and shalt preserve us from this generation and for evermore.

Choir:  Thou, O Lord, shalt keep us and shalt preserve us from this generation and for evermore.

Reader:  Save me, O Lord for a righteous man there is no more.

Choir:  Thou, O Lord, shalt keep us and shalt preserve us from this generation and for evermore.

Reader:  In the 7th Tone: The righteous man shall be glad in the Lord, and shall hope in Him.

Choir:  The righteous man shall be glad in the Lord, and shall hope in Him.


Reader: The Reading is from the Epistle of the Holy Apostle Paul to the Hebrews:

[Heb. 12:6-13,25-27 (§331 mid.); Gal. 6:11-18 (§215); II Tim. 2:1-10 (§292)]


Reader: Alleluia in the 5th Tone: Of Thy mercies, O Lord, will I sing for ever.  Unto generation and generation will I declare Thy truth with my mouth.

Choir: Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

Reader:  For Thou hast said: Mercy shall be built up for ever, in the heavens shall Thy truth be established.

Choir: Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

Reader:  In the 4th Tone: The righteous man shall flourish like a palm tree, and like a cedar in Lebanon shall he be multiplied.

Choir: Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!


Gospel [Matt. 8:23-27 (§27); Luke 16:19-31 (§83); John 15:17-16:2 (§52)]


Communion Verse:  Praise the Lord from the heavens, praise Him in the highest! In everlasting remembrance shall the righteous be; he shall not be afraid of evil tidings. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!



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