Our Building Project Progress


Demolition of our old barn has began. This will be the place where the new temple will be build

4/29/2010 Demolition of the barn

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On Sunday, May 9 2010 at 12:30 PM we celebrated the Ground Breaking with a Moleben.

Ground Breaking Ceremony and Moleben

This week the construction began. We got the in ground plumbing done and the the framing for the new slab and walkway.

Beginning of Construction - Week 5/9/2010

We started the week with pouring the slab and walkway.

Week 5/16/2010

The framing of the building.

Week 5/23/2010

The roof of the building.

Week 6/6/2010

Siding and interior

Week 6/13/2010

Not too many visible changes on our new temple. This is the time that you have to look closely to make out a difference.

Week 6/20/2010

The dry walling started last week. It is starting to look a temple inside.

Week 7/25/2010

The dry walling to the most part is finished now

Week 8/1/2010

Further progress on the dry walling. We were also taking a final look at interior choices like wall colors ....

Week 8/8/2010

The interior painting is done. Also the stucco work.

Week 8/15/2010

The dome and cross of temple was raised!

Week 8/22/2010

Doors for the church. Also the new royal doors got their first fitting.

Week 8/29/2010

And there was light!

Week 9/5/2010

Working on the iconostasis

Week 9/19/2010

more work on flooring and iconostasis and sprinkler system and dirt fill outside

Week 10/3/2010

Landscaping preparation - moving in and dedication weekend preparations!

Last update

On the weekend of October 23/24 we were blessed to greet Bishop Peter in our midst with the Kursk Root Icon of the Mother of God.

He blessed our new church and we had a wonderful festive banquet afterwards.

Blessing of the new Church

Note: If you took pictures or even videos of this event please send them to Fr. Innokenty deacon@saintjonah.org. We would like to share your pictures here.

Videos of the blessing of the church! Long download time!